Helen’s Trucks is a small family run business dealing with removals and storage within Spain for the last 18 years.

Our main business is transporting customers’ personal and household items from the UK to Spain, vice versa and to other destinations.

We pride ourselves on being attentive and helping the customer and we also supply packing materials, at very reasonable rates.
We are based in Crevillente, Spain.


We offer warehouse storage facilities, and if you need to unload your own items , this is not a problem.
We offer storage for short or long term stays, and if your items come in with another removal company, this is not a problem either.


“It’s all about making moving easy and
stress free.”

The warehouse is fully insured  and alarmed.
If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

EORI Compliance –So what has changed?

The easy way to look at things is to realise that the EU border no longer starts at British shores. As the UK is no longer part of the EU, we now enter Europe from the outside. This means we must do certain things before being allowed in.No longer can anybody just load a van with furniture and head off across the channel.  Now, you must get customs clearance for the load, even if it is all your own stuff.  From now all removals to and from the EU will require in-depth inventories and packing lists. Each client will have to provide proof of identity,  residency and destination, and also provide monetary values. Each removal firm is now registered with HMRC as an economic operator with an EORI number. They also need to register with the relevant European authorities, or use outside agencies to act on their behalf for the client.The consequences of things not being done correctly are enormous. Without customs clearance the removal will not even leave the country of export. Trying to enter the EU with undeclared, or wrongly declared goods, will result in delays, fines, and goods being stranded.  If the transporter doesn’t have the correct licensing, insurance, and documentation, customs will impound the vehicle.