When moving into a new or unfurnished property it can be a good idea to take some emergency supplies with you.

Depending on the time of your arrival it could be difficult to get to a shop. Many petrol stations in the Costa Blanca are open 24 hours and they usually stock basic essentials such as bread, milk, sugar etc.

It is important to note that only a proper chemist displaying a green cross – sells medicine and you will not be able to buy aspirin etc in a supermarket.

A suggested list of emergency supplies could include the following:

Tea Water Cereal

Coffee Bread Light Bulb

Sugar Jam Toilet Paper

Milk Biscuits Serviettes

Juice Snack Disposable cups etc.

Your hand luggage should include everything you need for a 24 hour period. If your bags are held up for any reason, you will be far more comfortable if you have the basic things that you need in your hand luggage.

In town, you should be able to find a shop or petrol station open even on public holidays. In more rural areas this may not be the case so best be prepared.

There is a duty chemist open 24 hours in every town. Any medication that you are taking might not be recognized in Spain, it is a good idea to get a translation of the name of your prescription beforehand.

It is a requirement of Spanish law that British citizens carry their passport or a notarized copy at all times  this is because, unlike Spain Britain does not have an identity card system.

Taking a few moments to prepare for any eventuality will allow you to relax and enjoy your arrival in Spain.