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Dear Mr Wood,
I can take a look at this today for you.
Would you by any chance, be able to take a photo of all your goods together if possible?
Failing that, I will base this on a n estimated Luton van size..there are different sizes, so this can range between 5, 10 and 15 metres.
I will come back to you
Kind Regards

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Subject: Quote from
Date: Tuesday, 22 January, 2019, 17:33

First Name:

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Address 1:
15 Westcliffe House

Address 2:
Westcliffe Road, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire

Address 3:
BD19 3NW England

Moving to access notes:
Have about 12 cardboard boxes full of dvd films, vinyl
records, books, clothes etc, All household items.

Boxes size L=24″ x W=12″ x H=18″, All
prepacked plus loose odds and sods like vac, carpet cleaner,
diving equipment inside wheeled bag, (No compressed air
bottles at all), Some smaller boxes. No white goods or
furniture at all.

Nothing dangerous, controversial or band from import or

Enough gear I’m told to fit into a Luton van
I already live in Spain at the address below, so my goods
need collecting at a convenient to yourselves, presuming you
prefer to carry a load both ways.

Let me have your best price please.

Address 1:
Calle Nicholas De Bussi 42,

Address 2:
67, Urb Amapolas lll

Address 3:
03189 Playa Flemenca

Address 4:
Orihuela Costa, Alicante